“Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice” by Joffre Swait Essay (Critical Writing)- by EduBirdie


The purpose of this essay is to review the article “Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice” by Joffre Swait and Tulin Erdem. The article identifies the effects of brand credibility towards successful marketing. The authors have used an appropriate research design in order to get the best results.

Critical Writing on “Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice” by Joffre Swait

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According to the authors, trustworthiness is a powerful tool because it encourages many consumers to make positive purchasing decisions. New studies are critical towards exploring the benefits of effective marketing practices. Such dynamics can determine the success of every marketing strategy.

The authors encourage future researchers to examine how consumers develop unique purchasing behaviors. This essay also supports our class text because it offers the best insights to different learners.


The article “Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice” examines a unique issue affecting many consumers and marketers. Brand credibility is associated with “expertise and trustworthiness” (Erdem & Swait, 2004, p. 193). The article goes further to analyze how brand credibility affects the decisions made by different consumers.

https://www.trustpilot.com/review/edubirdie.com The scholars have organized their article in a professional manner thus making it meaningful. The issues discussed in the article are easy to understand. The researchers have offered the best representations and discussions. The researchers have included an abstract in this article. The literature review informs the reader about the targeted objectives and findings. This approach makes the article clear and worth reading.

Quality research articles should always have appropriate study methodologies. It is agreeable that the authors used the best research methodology in order to get quality results. To begin with, the authors identified three hypotheses to guide their study. The researchers used a simple analysis method (SAM) to examine how brand clarity influences https://www.yelp.com/biz/edubirdie-wilmington the decisions made by consumers.

The authors “identified six product classes in order to get the best results” (Erdem & Swait, 2004, p. 193). These product classes included “cellular telecommunications services, athletic shoes, juices, headache medications, personal computers, and hair shampoos” (Erdem & Swait, 2004, p. 192).

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The researchers identified the best respondents before undertaking their study. This approach made it possible for the researchers to get the best results. The scholars also interpreted their results in a professional manner.

This article is relevant because it supports our course content. According to our class readings, marketers should use the best models in order to achieve their goals. According to Erdem and Swait (2004), every consumer purchases the best products in order to satisfy his or her needs. That being the case, advertisers and marketers should ensure their brands are admirable.

Brand clarity also plays a major role towards the success of different products. It is agreeable that brand trustworthiness is capable of affecting the choices made by different consumers.

Brand trustworthiness is critical because it determines the success (or failure) of a given product. Many researchers have also analyzed how brand clarity affects the success of various products. This article is worth reading because it equips advertisers with useful marketing ideas.

Every marketer wants to get the best results. The ideas and concepts presented in this article will ensure every marketer realizes his or her potentials. This article also supports my marketing skills and experiences. Many consumers “will have to trust a specific brand before purchasing it” (Erdem & Swait, 2004, p. 194). This fact explains why every marketer uses the concept of brand clarity to attract more customers.

Brand credibility makes it easier “for consumers to purchase the best products in order to fulfill their needs” (Erdem & Swait, 2004, p. 196). Brand credibility makes it easier for consumers to make good decisions. This practice encourages them to purchase the best products.

The ideas and concepts presented in this article support the expectations of many marketers. This knowledge will make it possible for them to achieve their marketing objectives.

The article’s premises and conclusions are useful to every marketer. According to Erdem and Swait (2004), trustworthiness is something meaningful because it affects the decisions made by different consumers. This concept encourages consumers to purchase their favorite commodities (Erdem & Swait, 2004). According to the author, several factors influences the decisions made by different customers.

Credibility effects “are also common in different product classes” (Erdem & Swait, 2004, p. 194). These arguments are useful because they support our course frameworks.

The article widens our skills and competencies towards achieving every marketing objective. The article encourages future researchers “to examine how Choice Dynamics (CDs) can affect the decisions made by consumers” (Erdem & Swait, 2004, p. 197).

This article by Erdem and Swait widens our understanding towards effective marketing. Our class text offers useful models that can make every marketer successful. The article is a useful source of marketing ideas and skills (Erdem & Swait, 2004).

The class materials encourage every learner to apply different marketing models. The class text fulfills the needs of every learner. Scholars should undertake more studies in order to formulate the best marketing strategies (Erdem & Swait, 2004). This practice will ensure every advertiser achieves his or her business goals. The presented course frameworks will ensure every student benefits from this learning experience.


Erdem, T., & Swait, J. (2004). Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice. Journal of Consumer Research, 31 (1), 191-198.